Monday, April 25, 2011


Trust is defined by Websters as a confidence in honesty, integrity, reliability of another person or thing.  Sometimes things are entrusted to our care for a period of time for safe keeping.  To be trusted is a valuable quality.  A healthy marriage is based upon mutual trust between two people. I understand that kind of trust because I have been blessed to be in a marriage that is in it's 37th year.  My husband is my best friend and he trusts me each morning as he leaves for work that I will manage my day in a way that will benefit us both in the evening when he returns home.  He knows that I live by my words and that I have his best interests at heart, always.

Are you a person who can be trusted?  I hope so.  God's words to us can be trusted and when we meet the living Lord we are given the opportunity to live in a relationship with HIM that can be a life changing encounter daily.  The "good news" of the Bible can be trusted time and time again as we draw upon His words throughout our daily lives.  Thankfully God speaks to us in a calm quiet voice that speaks of love and kindness.  He can be stern and demanding  when he desires that we follow His ways......... but these words can be fully trusted,  for He is wise and  He sees the whole picture of our lives.

Who trusts you?  In my life, because I have been blessed to be a full time mother, homemaker, and wife, I have depended upon God for many, many situations in our family life.  Our children trust me also.  Our grandchildren trust me.  I am glad.  I want to be trusted and in return, I trust them.  Trust is built one day at a time, doing the things that are as the definition above said.....being honest, being full of integrity, and being kind.  The picture below is a living example of trust.  Isabel trust me.......I want to live a life where she knows that her Nina can be trusted.  "Dear God, create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me."

Enjoy the blessed day that God has given you dear one!!!!


  1. Such a sweet moment, how she kept looking up at you as if to say just those words you shared! I need a copy of this !!!!!