Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Paris and St. Remy de Provence

Prayerfully and hopeful let your life become an open door for others......always!
"Come in......I have been waiting for you!"

 Le Marais ~ Paris
An old, old Jewish neighborhood full of cute shops!
Street after street looked like postcards!
 Flower Markets are everywhere in Paris!
Strolling streets........a favorite pastime!
 Magnificent Paris

Chocolate shops.....EVERYWHERE!!
Reminders of the sights!
Palais des Papes
Every church or cathedral gave us a  wonder and a sense of awe of our Mighty God!
Norwich Cathedral
This beautiful Cathedral has stood for over 900 years as a presence of Christian worship in the heart of Norfolk in Norwich!  It is a mere 15 minute walk from Kara and Phil's home.  They can see it from their window each morning!  
 A lovely interior in Avignon!
 Beautiful courtyard in Provence
 Enjoying a glass of Rose'
Saint Remy de Provence
Even the simplest exterior becomes beautiful!

A few days in Paris and one becomes transported to a different time and place!  Parisians do not rush about anything....they have their coffee with leisure, they enjoy their meals with much conversation, they listen, they laugh, they enjoy LIFE!  Then, they have dessert and a latte or perhaps a class of rose'  They enjoy their wine slowly and with conversation.  The beauty of their city is everywhere!  

The history of the world is everywhere in France!  Strolling through the narrow stone streets of Paris or Saint Remy de Provence the evening is cool and the surroundings are quiet.  I am aware, even as I write this, of the softness of the lighting and the particular mood that is everywhere.  Sidewalk cafes become "rooms" where friends gather to enjoy conversation and each other.  Differences seem to fade. I understand now why people have a ongoing love affair with France, and particularly Provence!  There is a balance and a harmony only found there.

The art, the flowers, the gardens, the vineyards, the antique markets, the holiday.....forever etched in my heart!  I miss my daughter, Kara.  I love her so much.  She is so kind.  So sweet.
I hope to go again............if I am blessed!

Chateux neuf du Pape

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