Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Gardens......full of love......

~Beautiful Garden on St. Simon's Island~

Springtime is my favorite season!  I enjoy being outdoors in every season but if I had to pick one, I suppose it would have to be Spring!  My favorite flower is the tulip and that is followed by other spring flowers that pop up!   My husband and I have moved several times over our long marriage and each time, it has been difficult to leave the flowers and gardens behind that we planted, nurtured and enjoyed.  Perhaps if there was one garden that I enjoyed the most, it would have to be our home in Jackson, Mississippi.  We used a professional landscape artist to create the plan and when it was finished it was awe inspiring each time I walked outdoors.  Through the years, I added my own touches so getting my hands in the dirt was like therapy for me!  Both of my Grandmothers were gardeners and I believe, like many in my family, it is an inherited gene!  

God in His great and awesome wisdom gave us five senses to balance our lives!  There is nothing like waking up in the morning  and seeing a brilliant and beautiful blue sky and hearing the birds singing outside!  The ability to see  and hear are amazing gifts!   Earlier this week, in my devotional one day, I read from the Bible in the book of Mark about the blind man, Bartimaeus.  He was a beggar, who daily sat by the road rarely being noticed.   The Bible says,  one day he HEARD  a multitude of people going by.  Even though he was blind, his sense of hearing was good enough to know that many people were passing by.  He  had heard before about this JESUS, the Nazarene and cried out for mercy.  The others with him told him to be quiet but he cried louder and Jesus heard his cry and stopped.  The blind mind Bartimaeus got up, dropped his cloak, and came to Jesus for healing.  Jesus told the man, "Go your way, your faith has made you well."  And immediately he regained his sight and began to follow Jesus on the road.  Do you take your sight for granted?  Perhaps, sometimes, because we are human, we fail to think about where we would be without our sight, our touch, our ability to smell, or hear, or taste.   How often we beg for things that are unimportant.  Things that do not matter.  Bartimaeus was about as low as a man could be, sitting on the road, just another man that multitudes were passing by.  I hope that today, we will not let this day pass by without listening and helping and moving into action.  Jesus healed this man because this man called out to Him in faith.  God stands ready always to do great and powerful things throughout the world if we just take the time to call on Him in prayer.

Sight is a wonderful gift!  Gardens full of flowers and green trees and plants bless us with their beauty and fragrance as Spring fills the air.  As your day blossoms and unfolds, I hope that you will find time to allow the fragrance of His love to spill out of your life into the lives of those around you!  Enjoy a blessed and beautiful weekend!!!  

~I snapped these lovely flower boxes on a recent trip to Charleston, South Carolina~

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  1. I couldn't agree more, penny. Spring is my favorite too, it always amazes me how much detail God uses to open up each flower bud into a beautiful creation. Thanks for sharing.