Thursday, March 10, 2011

Our Own Wedding of Royalty.......

~Looking Upward and Outward with expectation and hope for a special day~
~One of the sweetest moments of the weekend was the night before the wedding in Kara's Bridal suite when sharing about marriage and God's design for what a marriage can be truly touched us all!  These five girls truly love Kara and she is blessed....~
~Kara and Phil~
~Phil's Mum and Dad and his brothers~

We have our own Love Story of royal celebration!  We are all excited about the wedding of Prince William and Kate and we are even more excited than usual because of my upcoming trip to England, just prior to the Royal Wedding!  It was almost a year ago when we had our own touches of English royalty when Kara and Phil married and we hosted several of his family and friends in the United States for their beautiful wedding!  It was a week long celebration, ending with a perfect day for them under a brilliant blue sky in May!

Weddings are always full of hope and joy!  I hope you will enjoy some of the memorable moments of Kara and Phil's celebration!  We tried to include as many English traditions as possible throughout the weekend!  Such a special time for both families and still a day deep within the heart of this mother!

~The Bride and Groom and our Angels~
~Phil waiting for His Bride~
~Phil's lovely grandparents!  Loved her cute hat!~
~The Wedding Party~
~Just for Fun~
~The garter and shoes were her something blue~

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  1. my goodness, penny! the lord has abundantly blessed you in so many lovely ways!! thank you for sharing all of those truly beautiful photographs!!!!!! they are something to treasure.