Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bouquets Throughout the Year

The time of the year has come.....YEAH.....Springtime! Thoughts turn eagerly toward planting flowers and making sure every corner of the yard is beautiful.  That is, if you enjoy flowers and gardening, or at least the beauty that they bring.  A home benefits from the presence of flowers.  There is just something about a fresh bouquet of your favorite flower whether it be a rose, a peony, a tulip or countless others.  Spring is the busiest time of year in any flower garden.  Flowering trees and shrubs come back to life, crocuses, early tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, and liy of the valley are all making their annual appearance and roses are not far behind.  These beautiful pink roses in the pictures above, have been in my kitchen two and a half weeks~I am not kidding!  I bought them two and half weeks ago on a Friday morning, knowing that Steven and Rebekah were coming for the weekend, and they are still just a beautiful!  I have been calling them my miracle roses.  Now, I am just waiting to see how long they last!  They remind me that God allows a moment or memory to linger that is beautiful, long after the moment is over.  Our hearts have to be ready though to recieve the miracle and the blessing that God has brought or is bringing.  He is always at work in our lives. God's covenant to us is a covenant for abundant life.  From the very beginning of time, in the first garden, Scripture shows us that God wanted us to be happy and prosperous.  In Genesis we are told that God made everything and declared it to be good.  Then He gave this beautiful, plentiful Earth to Adam.  God's plan from the beginning was for man to be enriched and to have a prosperous, abundant life.  This time of year as we approach Easter, our glorious reason to celebrate as Christians, we can see in the miracle of flowers blossoming from the soil that new life is real.  Jesus offers new life and a new birth and peace and joy!  Now that is a miracle!  A miracle that is daily being lived out in the life of countless Believers around the world! I pray that you humbly seek to live your life for HIM!  I will too..... Enjoy your day......nothing touches you or me that has not first passed through His Hands!  Psalm 42:2  declares,  "As the deer pants for water brooks, so my soul pants for You, O God.!"  As the life of the deer and even my roses depends upon water, so our lives depend upon God and His glory and grace!

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