Friday, January 1, 2010

Wedding Flowers.......

We are celebrating, planning, and.......looking at Wedding Magazines as our daughter, Kara prepares for her wedding in May! She has found her wedding gown (the second one she tried on) and she didn't want to take it off.....a good sign that it was the right one. I have had the honor of helping two other of our daughters with their weddings and each wedding held the dream of each Bride. Now, it is Kara's turn. She is pure romantic~dress, flowers, and all the details. Growing up, she read all the classics in literature and always loved the "love stories" and then movies....she was the first one to see anything classic! She desires a simple and elegant wedding. Phil is from England so the logistics of his family coming to the US is not easy but we will accomplish it! This will be an extraordinary year for Kara and Phil. In two weeks we will be going to the wedding site and preparing more of the details. It will be a beautiful place to be married! I'll keep it a secret for now and after we return, I will post pictures. These beautiful flowers are just a few of her favorites! She loves peonies! But then, what Bride doesn't?

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