Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Cross

First impressions are often lasting and this beautiful room reflects the love in the heart of my friend for the Lord. This tasteful and newly decorated home is on the west coast and the Spanish influence is evident throughout.....it is lovely! I especially was touched by the Crosses and seeing them displayed so tastefully reminded me of how she took her corner of the universe, her home, and improved it in ways to reflect her faith and her love of the Lord. I thank her for sharing these photographs with me and reminding me that our homes reflect our hearts.

"There's only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving and that's your own self." Aldous Huxley

Wow! Now those gracious words are chosen to inspire! I am hoping that you grew as a person this year and you found ways to be productive with your talents and resources. In other words, I hope that you feel that your life is of value in both small and big ways. To be human, means that we aren't always sitting around thinking of how we can be a better person but, if we look inward prayerfully, we all can find ways to live more as our Heavenly Father would desire us to live. Life has a way of bringing us changes when we least expect them and we can choose to use these situations to look up or down and I pray that you are able to look up! In the new year, please allow me to encourage you to write down a few things you want to work on to improve about you....yourself. Begin by resolving to use your energy in a positive, constructive, life-enhancing, optomistic way. Try just to enjoy what life brings you day to day and seek to live your life with as few regrets as possible. What kind of year did you have in 2009? No matter how many challenges you've encountered, no matter what pain you've endured, ask yourself "Did I do my best?"

Which leads me to my friends lovely display of the Cross.....This morning, as I was praying, I began to think about THE CROSS and how Jesus gave His life for us there and truly The Cross was a new beginning for all who BELIEVE in Him! In the book of John, he tells us that Jesus went to The Cross not only to bear our sin but that He
would send us His Spirit! We can have the blessing all year of living a spirit filled life. In other words, allowing Him to fill you each morning with His Spirit. Have you known someone who approached life daily spirit filled? They are hard to miss, for their joy bubbles over and their spirits are the ones who lift up all they meet! Like an angel, they often minister to others with their joyful and guided spirit filled lives. I have been blessed to know some of these wonderful people! Being with them and around them changed my life and continues to influence me to this day! Yes....we have THE CROSS AND THE HOLY SPIRIT! "It is the Spirit who gives life..." John 6:63 In the ending of this year, I am praying that God will draw us all closer to His heart and that His Spirit will flow from us to bring about change in the world. Seek to find where God is at work, then join in to be a part of what HE is doing in the world. He is alive and He is always at work!!! Blessings of joy to you and may you have a Happy New Year~2010!

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