Thursday, January 28, 2010

At Home With White

Okay.....I admit it...."I want a white house with blue shutters and a window overlooking the water so I can paint (or sew) and a big old porch wrapped around the entire house!!!"   If you've seen the film, The Notebook, and most women have (right?) you will recognize this quote.  White calms our souls and is soothing and serene.  In interior design, shades of white are always in style and the mood stays the same in a room until a splash of color is added and in our lives often we do need that splash of color and truly, sometimes just a touch of something colorful can keep one balanced.  Okay back to white.....

Recently, while in Savannah visiting Shelly she took me to one of my favorite stores, "One Fish, Two Fish."  If you visit Savannah, you'll be inspired by the lovely array of furnishings, books, and gift items found in the store.  One book in particular caught my eye, AT HOME WITH WHITE,  by Atlanta Bartlett.  I thumbed through the book, admired it, wanted to buy it, but put it down and kept browsing.  Lucky the next shop Shelly took us to, the book was on sale by 20 % so I just bought it on the spot!  It is full of ideas room by room and if you find during these winter months that you need a pick me up, you might think of white working for you.  White after all, is a perfect blank canvas with limitless possibilities!  Isn't that what our lives should be.....full of possibilities!  I hope you will enjoy just a few of these white places that you could be at home with.

This beautiful all white bedroom!
This room is almost all white, except for the colorful splash of yellow, grey, and blue from fabric by Marimekko that I added to this all white bedroom for a change.  The room with the twin beds has everything white except for the pillow on the top in a shade of gray.  You can see how just a touch can change the feel of a room.  

This all white room, again with a splash of color, was the hotel we stayed in on our visit to Savannah,
The Mansion at Forsythe Park

And now a favorite.....the white chairs all in a row at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel!

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