Friday, July 11, 2014

Living A Healthy Life: Wellness

Having reared four daughters, and now interested in the well being of my three granddaughters, I wanted to share this information! Listed below are six wonderful examples of how we can all promote well being in young women and young girls and also, ourselves, as women. Wellness or well-being is essential in today's world. The all girls school that our youngest daughter, Kara, attended 7-12 grade in Nashville, Tennessee has opened a beautiful new wellness center for the students.  They list these examples of proactive things we can do and they are SO worthy of sharing!

1.  Wellness is physical health, well-being is emotional health, self esteem comes from doing things that we feel good about.

2.  Close friendships rather than large groups of friends are more predictive of psychological well being than popularity.

3.  When we over praise, girls do not believe us.  Authentic praise is better than inflated praise.

4.  Optimal sleepers show many benefits: Improved mood, relationships, personal growth, and more.

5.  Exercise gets the blood pumping and makes the brain function at its best.

6.  Time with an adult can have positive results.  For example, eating dinner with at least one parent at night has a high influence on school performance.

I would add one more....teach them that their body is a temple created by God for His glory and His purpose.....He has a beautiful plan for each and every life!  Everyday is a gift!

In today's world, I pray we as mothers and grandmothers continue the legacy of sharing with our faith with the next generation.  God is very much alive and with us each day. His very name Immanuel means God with us!  Immanuel is with us at all times, in our every waking and sleeping hour!  His desire is to teach us how to live full and healthy lives.  Trials will come, days will be long, but our God has given us all we need to sustain every circumstance! strong my friend and get moving and find that connection between your body, mind, and spirit! Be healthy! Have a great weekend!

"Exercise provides an unparalleled stimulus, creating an environment in which the brain is ready, willing , and able to learn."  From the book SPARK by John J. Rakey

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