Thursday, February 20, 2014

Building A Life With Others.....all in the timing!

Just about two years ago, a sweet friend of ours was diagnosed with cancer. He was a Godly man with a beautiful wife and three amazing children and one grandchild with another on the way.  He was a man building a life for his family each and everyday.  Quickly with this news, people were praying and hoping and expecting a miracle for healing. But, in just a few short months, our friend was called home to Heaven for an ultimate healing in the presence of God. 

 D. L. Moody once said, "Next to the might of God, the serene beauty of a holy life is the most powerful influence for good."  

Our friend, Doug, was a good man. He had done everything right. He was a professional man, a dentist, and devoted his life to caring for his family.  He was loved by everyone who knew him.  His son was my son's very best friend growing up.  Steven spent a lot of time with them at their house and on vacations. Their son, Scott spent a lot of time at our house and on beach vacations also.  Naturally, his wife, Vickie and I shared a friendship as our sons made this so easy. After Doug's passing, we began to have a "girls time" with two other fun friends who we love about three times a year! Let me tell you they are special ladies! We are all within a few years of each other in age and also we had attended Bible studies together. On one of our visits, one of us said, "we should all go on a trip together"!  Running ahead of ourselves with determination and lots of talking, we decided we could do this!

  Now, two years later the dream will become a reality! We started planning this because of what Vickie was going through and the bonds and love we all share are precious because of the sensitivity of her loss.  God's timing is so important in life.  We can run ahead but as life unfolds, one day at a time....well, to me it's just better. Who would have known all those years ago that the bonds that our children had made as friends would be the glue that now would move us forward today.  Truly, we should ask God to help us in everything we do and especially in the timing of being a friend.  For several months, I have poured over the plans for our trip. I have searched for our hotels, our trains, and even a few of the places we will visit and see.  We will begin in London and get to visit with Kara and Phil and then travel to Bath, England and then on to France.  We have a schedule but we plan to enjoy the time together and not rush or insist on seeing more than we are able to see. The joy of seeing England for the first time and spending time with my precious daughter Kara will always be a blessing and a design of God's timing.  The pictures below are from my first trip...a gift!  I have a feeling Doug will be looking down on us and smiling about the timing of this trip for his sweet wife, Vickie! Everyday is a GIFT!  Don't wait to make that call or write and mail that card and appreciate your family and your friends!  Have a blessed day dear one!

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