Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Path and The Door....

Imagine travel, especially to somewhere unfamiliar and without a map! We need a map if we want to arrive at our destination in a timely manner.  Today, we have Mapquest, Google map, google earth, and oh my heavens.....so many more!  Back in the day, my day that is,  paper maps were essential when we were planning a trip.  For weeks, we mapped out the best streets, roads, and highways to assist us and guide us to where we needed to be.  Today, we can plan to get to our destination and then type or key in the hotel address and follow the voice on the smart phone.  Times have changed!

What do you think, are shortcuts better?  I think we can all agree technology has changed the way we live and the way to travel to our destination.  Planning is part of the fun for me.  This is where I gain my confidence to actually......GO!  I am one of those who truly enjoys being home but, I have found, you can only see and accomplish so much inside your own home. We have to open the door and get out!!! The good Lord made us a people who need other people and so by getting outside and involved in other people's lives our path is enlarged and our lives are richer. We thrive best emotionally, physically, and spiritually when we share our lives with others. These relationships are a part of the guiding forces of our lives.  We are inexperienced  in too much of life without a guide.  Aside from needing a map to guide me [my husband and I have lived in 9 different cities over 40 years], I have turned to God's Word as a guide. Finding my way around Los Angeles, California helped because I had a map when we lived there, a large multi-page map!

In a similar way, God's word guides me each day on how to live life as a Believer!   The whole of Psalm 119 unfolds as how God's guidance will assist one in life's most practical circumstances.  Psalm 119:105, the psalmist David clearly calls out to God "Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path."  We gain strength from these words as we trust He is able to guide the path of our own life, long range. Isn't that what a path does.....takes us on down the road, so wisely to our destination?  This passage also assures us that "the entrance of The Lord's Words gives light, It gives understanding to the simple."  We really shouldn't hasten ahead without a map or a guiding word.  Yes, the map of God's loving words is able to guide us and also nourish our soul.  God calls this provision, manna.  It is hard to survive for long without nourishment and especially nourishment for the body and the soul.  There is nothing more beautiful than being guided sweetly along the way......today and everyday!  Praying your path will be guided and the door will be opened by His shining Light!  Be blessed my friend....He longs to show you and me The Way!

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