Monday, December 9, 2013

San Francisco and Napa Valley......Celebrations of LOVE!

 I spotted this table and loved the French influence!
Beauty everywhere in Napa Valley!

My husband and I are blessed with a large and sweet family!  We love being together, although the times seem to be rare the past two years.  We make the most of the times we are all together!   For someone like me, who enjoys elegance and preparation for a dinner party, I must say I enjoy the spontaneity our children bring to our lives!  They are so fun when they are all together! 

I met my husband, by accident (another story), when I had just turned 18.  I was a freshman in college and really  had planned only to finish out the semester and transfer closer to home and my family! But........ He was so much FUN from the beginning!  Fast forward forty years and here we are today, five children, five spouses, and six grandchildren.  Blessed totally!  Our five children planned a wonderful holiday for us to San Francisco and Napa Valley, California to the Napa Wine Country!  We had a wonderful time and we appreciate so much the spouses giving of their time for the weekend also!  The highlight was just being together, laughing, enjoying San Francisco, Napa Valley, and Sausalito, California for it's wonderful seafood and the beautiful homes and the views!  Listening as they shared their memories of childhood, the memories of the teenage years, the wonderful spouses they all share their lives with now, and their children were the topics of the weekend!  So much thankfulness fills my heart!!!!  We have been blessed, truly!  Families are forever! 

 "I sing for JOY at the works of Your hands"  Psalm 92:4 

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