Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Thoughts on Mothering.......

There is something beautiful about a one on one conversation with someone....especially if the conversation is about something you treasure.  As a mother, our greatest treasures are our children because they are beautiful little gifts sent to us from the heart of God!  His timing for each one is perfect.  Each one has purpose in His kingdom, so to love and nurture a child is one of God's highest callings in life. Recently, a friend asked me to quickly share ten points about mothering that I could share with young moms raising families today.  I quickly wrote down eleven.  Mothering never stops as long as we are breathing......yes, the seasons of mothering change as our children grow and change and ultimately grow up!  All the effort now should be focused with this goal in mind.  One day they will fly on their own. God does provide.  He is a God of providence!  He is Jehovah Jireh!  Thankfully our five are now grown adults.  They are independent and they make me so thankful every day.  As my husband and I say to each," we know what we prayed," and we see how God has answered.  We see how HE did over and above in all that we asked of HIM!   The circle is wider now and includes spouses, grandchildren, and our children's friends and their families.  It's beautiful!  It's golden.  It's a family only God could have sent from His very own heart.  We are humbled and it is with thanksgiving that I share these eleven points.  God is good!  He is essentially, absolutely, and consummately good! Praying His blessings on your family dear friend!  May your years of mothering be beautiful!

1.  Pray daily as a woman, wife, and mother for my heart to be clean before God.  Psalm 51:10 Be in His Word!

2. Pray and ask God to place women in my life who love Jesus and are mothering God's ways and listen to them and their their wisdom about children and the home.

3.  Pray daily and often throughout the day for each child by name, by temperament, personality, and needs. Spiritual and physical.

4.  Teach them accountability to God, to themselves, and to others. Help them see their body as a temple.

5.  Give them the perfume of love and acceptance as each longs for this from parents. Give them my blessing daily.

6.  Give them approval when they seek it earnestly and allow them to be who God created them to be with their talents, gifts, and intelligence.  Laughter is so important if one is prone to be funny, embrace this gift!

7.  Listen.  Listen to their voice.  Let them share their heart without judging.

8.  Love them unconditionally, especially in their failures.

9.  Assist them with their dreams and plans.  This would include protecting them from the wrong friendships and dating too soon.  Delicate territory :)

10.  Pray for them to sense God's supernatural presence in their life.  Share the Gospel early and often!  This would include not missing church except in emergency situations.  :)

11.  Invite people into you home who have the touch of Jesus in their heart and on their face!!!

Motherhood is about giving and preparation in bearing and raising children is such an amazing privilege!

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