Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dreaming in Lovely Linens.....for the home....

 Looking for beautiful linens....look for these
 Beautiful Linens for the home in England at the shop, Cologne and Cotton!
Treasured household linens are perfect for an intimate Dinner for two!
You may have to look for a while....but many antique shops have linens
available for purchase.  A beautiful legacy to pass on in families!
Elegant Hotels and B and B's still use sheets and tablecloths of pure cotton!
Our grandmothers probably pressed their linens before placing them on the beds.
The linens I purchased in England now are on the beds! This one is a pure cotton coverlet
with Marimekko (of Finland) pillow shams of pure woven cotton! A luxurious bath, a good book, and cup of bedtime tea can be a perfect prelude to a perfect night's sleep!

Into the early twentieth century, seamless linen sheets and tablecloths, napkins and other linens were sold in exclusive boutiques.  In both England and France, these boutiques for beautiful linens still can be found quiet readily!  In the United States, we may have to look a little harder but there are still a few linen shops in some cities. In many ways, the European customs for sleeping rooms are more refined and elegant than our American homes.  For me, personally, I would love to see this return in our homes.  There is nothing like slipping into a bed in the evening hours that feels and smells wonderfully fresh!  Cotton sheets are the answer! I am often on the hunt for beautiful linens that I can pass on to others as gifts.

Imagine my delight as I found these beautiful stores in both England and France!  My daughter and I spent quiet a while just looking and enjoying the beautiful offerings found in these exclusive shops.  Both she and I purchased a few linens for our homes. (THIS was one item I could bring home easily.)  Tablecloths are the norm for dinners in my home and for me a tablecloth is "the symbol of a special, serene moment, like some island refuge amid a sea of daily worries" according to writer Rene Cazelles, who feels that everything can breathe again when the tablecloth is white.  I soooo agree!  There is nothing more elegant that a beautiful white tablecloth for dinner whether it be for two or a guest in your home.  Starched linen napkins add a touch of class!

What makes your house, your home?  I have found that it's the personal touches that make your home and mine our own, our place of comfort and restoration.  It's the place where our soul's are restored, refreshed, and renewed.  The place where we can begin again after the day that isn't always perfect!  Home can be!  I don't know about you, but for me, it is turning to the Lord and asking His Holy Spirit to fill my spirit with His thoughts and love.  There are times in this journey of life where we are faced with difficulties and trials amid the joys!  Everyday God is involved in our lives, always, always, always at work....and if we truly give Him each day, balance will come into every area and our reflections will look more like He intended.  This reflection is like a mirror that we look into as we are dressing for the day.  This can begin by coming to Him with awe and reference, seeking to know HIM more fully and HIS will for our life.  We have to desire to stop and look toward Him, into His heart. His Love radiates from His Word, The Bible. Love radiates out of a person who has been with Jesus!  Love gives.  Love shares. Love envelopes another.....(like the sheets you fall into at night)!  Seriously!  

When one gives their life to Jesus Christ, a covenant is formed that can never or ever be broken.  His banner over you is LOVE!  Perhaps that is why I adore white linens....they can be washed and made new again....everyday if necessary!  Our relationship with Christ is similar.  Everyday is new, everyday is fresh and HE can bring you and me into complete comfort as HE wraps us in the folds of His loving arms!  May your find the beauty of each day my friend!  May the Lord use you as a source of LOVE this day!

"You hem me in~behind and before; You have laid Your hand upon me.  Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too lofty for me to attain." Psalm 139:5~6

What beautiful news!

The photo of the linen table filled with linens is from THE BOOK OF FINE LINEN!

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