Wednesday, May 8, 2013

LONDON and BATH.....

~Beautiful London~

The Ampersand Hotel.....
Our hotel in London was near the Natural History Museum and the decor' was
so stylish and chic filled with scenes of flowers and birds....loved this!
 ~Hyde Park~
 BATH...a photo shoot everyday, everywhere....Bath is like a storybook.
As you enter the town, the uniquness of the buildings go on and on....
In many period films of England, holidays were "taken" in Bath and I can understand why because every little corner has a unique place to stay for the night.
Our hotel was the Queens Hotel!  
 BATH is of course known for the Roman History of the Roman Bath's and it is found in the center of town.  Today, Bath is a thriving, busy city filled with locals and tourist from all over the world visiting this unique city center.  The circus acts of local artist are around the city center on weekends performing their daring and talented acts.
The shops are filled with beautiful finds and displayed so tastefully!

 ~The Spring Seasonal Flowers are just waiting to be picked~

Before Bath, we were in London as it is always busy, modern city!  It reminds me in ways of New York City but oh the fashions and shopping are uniquely British!  Anything and anyone goes!  Our favorites were........ the sights of Westminister Abbey, Buckingham Palace, The National History Museum, The Victoria and Albert Museum, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, walking in Hyde Park, and the other usual sights we all love to see but the highlight this time was seeing my husband enjoy Portobello Road and the Notting Hill area and just spending time with Kara and Phil, a rare and special treat!

I am always inspired by people and places where beauty dwells.  Beauty comes from within.....everyday that I live I realize this more and more.  Our lives are busy but business can keep us from what is truly valued and important in life.  The Lord clearly has impressed upon my heart that "those who look to HIM ARE radiant".  May this focus always be at the center of our hearts.  Spending time in the Lord's presence for me is the best holiday!  Refocusing so that I can complete the work of life He has called me to do. Whatever your gifts are my friend if you will quietly and earnestly ask the Lord to guide them and use them HE will.  Trust Him with your life! The generations to come will be affected by our choices today....that is a sobering thought!   Have a blessed and beautiful day!

"You don't need to carry a burden.  He wants you to have a light load.  Take every thought captive.  Hold each worry up to His light.  He is able to lift the weight off you.  Cast your cares upon Him.  Psalm 55:22

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