Monday, April 8, 2013


The original five....
"A friend loveth at all times"
Yes, each one is a Dreamer....
My beautiful daughter in love, Sara with my son, Steven.
One can never see all that God has prepared.....she is a blessing and a gift!

These precious daughters of mine are a blessing in my life....over and over again.  I am thankful....over and over again!  "Every time I say you're name in prayer....I thank God for you."  II Timothy 1:3 ~The Message

I didn't plan on having four daughters but God planned this, yes HE did!  (not to get personal....but I only had one ovary) Thinking of family, now as I look back, I was too busy as most mothers are to understand the blessings that were ahead through their lives and the precious women that I know and love because of them.  Love always increases when shared.  You know broken and spilled out.....overflowing as I said in the last post!

To have a daughter is to know  true JOY!  A girl can feel like no one else.  She can laugh like no one else.  She can be confusing like no one else.  She can be counted on like no one else.  Her smile can light up your heart and your life for weeks at a time!  She can bring beauty into life.  Yes, she must be taught there are borders in life and to be careful not to go far past the border for these are good life lessons.  I pray, I hope, I taught my daughters well.  I believe I did by the grace of God.  

My daughters are similar, yet different.  All are creative and artistic.  All are loyal to each other and to their families and to their friends.  Each one would go to the ends of the earth for the other.  That has always been my passion as a mother......that they would love each other and share their lives with each other as the years increase.

If you are blessed to have a daughter, you are blessed indeed!  Maybe it's a daughter by marriage........ and I do love my daughter in love too....she is beautiful and special!  Maybe it is a daughter by choice....what could be more beautiful than to be chosen.  

Enjoy the blessings of family!  Invest in what is truly lasting......results will be more than you ever dreamed possible!  Have a magnificent Monday and if you have a daughter.....may she light up your life forever!!!!

Lovely Words from India Hicks

"My children have undoubtedly taught me more than I have taught them.  They have taught me to shed any selfish expectations I may have had.  They have taught me to live in the moment, with an awareness of what that present moment requires.  And they have taught me a depth of love and understanding I never imagine possible."  AMEN!!! 

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