Thursday, September 20, 2012

Giving & Provision.....

 "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you...."
James 4:8

The fall season reminds us of seedtime and harvest!  I love the fall colors and the rich hues of orange and brown in flowers and of course, the pumpkins in the fields!  The beauty of this season remind us that nothing in life remains the same.  Our lives change, circumstances change, our surroundings may change.....but we are reminded that God does not....Praise His Holy Name that He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow! 

It doesn't matter what our circumstances are, we can freely draw near to God and invite Him to work in our lives by His unlimited power within our limited circumstances and resources.  First, scripture teaches us to give something out of our need.  This is the kind of giving that involves faith.  When we give, this giving activates the miracle of the supply of God flowing back into our life.  Our giving causes something to happen according to God's eternal principals of seedtime and harvest.  As the season of fall continues to remind us of harvest, you and I can trust that God has something to multiply in all our lives....we first have to draw near and listen for His voice! 

 There is a beautiful true story in the Bible of a widow who lived in Zarephath, (on the Mediterranean coast in Phoenica) and gathered sticks for either cooking or warmth (we don't know).  But what we do know, is that the prophet Elijah on a journey, traveled there and asked her for a little water in a cup and some bread.  She told him she did not have bread only a little flour in a bin and a little oil in a jar that she had planned to use for herself and her son.  He listened to her and continued to ask her to prepare some bread for herself, her son, and him and shared with her a promise that the Lord God of Israel would not let her jar of oil run dry or the bin of flour would not be used up. For many days, she and her household ate from what was left after she shared.  She gave and God multipied an unfailing provision. 
I Kings 17:8~16

May love and joy and provision fill your home this beautiful season!

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