Monday, April 23, 2012

Beautiful Chairs.....for Sitting

Where do you like to sit? A chair, a bench, a beach chair, or perhaps a blanket on the grass! I prefer a nice comfortable chair! Above are some pretty ones from Lee Chairs and my favorites from Hickory Chair. These days most of us do not have the time for much sitting because we are a people on the go. Busy, busy! When we stop and LISTEN, even for a few brief moments, our lives are more balanced and we are wiser when we are refreshed by pleasant and good words. In the Bible in Luke 11:38-42 the true story is shared about two sisters who welcomed a visitor into their home in Bethany.......the visitor was Jesus! Martha was distracted with all her preparations but Mary was seated and listened to the Lord's word. She was seated, the Scriptures say, at His feet! How much more beautiful could life be than to be seated at the Lord's feet? Many overlook the "also" in verse 39, meaning Martha sat too, so both sisters DID listen to Jesus although Martha perhaps was the one busy with all the preparations. Both of these women reveal unique spiritual gifts with which they lovingly served God. They remind us as I stated above the importance of balancing personal devotion with practical duties. Each sister gave to Jesus out of their individual hearts. Such inspiration for each of us today.....give as you can, but "also" take time to listen. Enjoy this wonderful day, my friend!

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