Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Reading and The Book

I am an avid reader and most of the time, there are a stack of books that I am reading. Sometimes I may read an entire book at once but most often it is a chapter in one book and a chapter in another. Books take us places through the written word and through lovely photographs, that we only dream to go. Dreaming can unfold into realities as it did for me last year when planning a holiday to visit one of my daughters. I like to know a head of time the best places to visit, such as museums, historical places and beautiful gardens, places to stay, and the best restaurants! Through books this is possible and of course any online resources that are available always help. It's fun to read blogs of other places to travel throughout the world but I always come back to my books!

Last night I began reading a book that my husband has by author, Tim LaHaye, on the book of Revelation in the Bible. I couldn't put it down! It is a fantastic resource for one like me because it is educational and informative and exciting about the way world events will unfold, according to the Scriptures. It makes one think and think again about how we live our days on the earth and how brief our time here is, in the light of all eternity. God has prepared a beautiful place called Heaven for the redeemed! One day there will be a new Heaven and a new Earth. The book is deep, much too deep for me to go into here. Perhaps your day is busy, you have lots to accomplish, but may I encourage you to slow down just for a few moments and think about how you spend your days, your weeks, aside from working. We all have moments we waste or rest. You can rest in the arms of ONE who cares.....The Lord Jesus Christ! He has a plan for our lives, plans to prosper us. If we seek Him, He will find us! We are able to seek Him in prayer. Prayer places us under His care and trust and His guidance. Several years ago a beautiful mentor of mine gave me these beautiful points below to follow when praying. I have shared them before but today just seemed like a good day to share them again. May I encourage you to open THE BOOK, and you are promised, when you wait for God to guide, He will! Psalm 33:20 "Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait." 1. Wait through earnest specific prayer. 2. Listen for His Voice~pray you will hear that still small Voice. 3. Develop a love for God's Word. 4. Ask the Lord to be steadfast. 5. Read His Word, meditate upon it. 6. Memorize His Word. 7. Words of the Bible are Living. 8. Obey God's Word. 9. Overcome fear and trust in Him. 10. When you know you are in God's will, leave the results to Him. Give Him glory and honor. 11. When Waiting, wait expectantly, ultimately it will be good. Posted using BlogPress from my iPad. Photo from piccsy

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