Monday, January 23, 2012

AT HOME WITH blue......

There's a beautiful calming effect of blue and for me, I just can't get enough of it! I do think the combination of blue and white together bestows a crisp, clean feel to any exterior or interior. It is always lovely and in it's purest spectrum one is soothed and calmed and if at the beach, I might add, restored, as in the photo I snapped below at Rosemary Beach on the panhandle of Florida! Who among us would not love to be calmed here?
My affinity for blue doors grew while in Paris, interesting shades of blue!
This azure blue door caught my eye for the boldness against the brownstone! Behind every door there must be something of beauty!
In French villages, I believe the grey/blue color of paint is a revered secret! Just the right shade in the two windows inspire me to snap a picture and realize someone lives there who loves color and probably antiques! Wonder who thought to give these two little windows definition and French style.
No entrance is ever forgotten, even this simple, charming home in the village of St. Remy in southern France. This has an appeal all it's own of simplicity! Wandering down streets is expected here!
This grand villa (in my humble opinion) is right in town in St. Remy and the shade of blue is one I will long remember! The stone on the house, the gravel in the drive, all grey, make the choice of blue truly pop!
Even this little French blue car is placed perfectly for my photo! How perfect! Yes, blue works, no matter what shade you might choose!
The brilliant blue SKY that only God could create is our model! The ancient stone church becomes even more of a Glory to God!
Back in Avignon, France the creamy yellow against the blue works great!
My beautiful and very sweet daughter chose shades of teal blue and greens for her Bridesmaids at her May wedding. What could work more perfectly at an outdoor reception than the colors of our natural surroundings!
You can let your imagination run wild when furnishing or decorating your home with blue or really any color! The darker colors on the color spectrum do not work so well where I live so I seek to use shades of white with the blues. When it comes to window treatments, I am even leaning toward lighter fabrics......more to come on that topic at a later date! Small touches of blue will make a difference whether you live in a coastal setting like me, an English countryside like one of my girls, or by the sea in southern France! Most of us LOVE the sunshine, the clear blue skies of a perfect day, and the azure blue sea! There is nothing more relaxing and calming than to carry your bag to the beach, full of good intentions of reading and writing a note or two, and then in never get around to opening the bag. Beach life is all about simplicity! At the beach we all become equals......and I like that! During the end of January, no matter where we live, many of us yearn for the springtime and the warm sunshine and color of an azure blue sky! In the Bible, we find in Psalm 104 the powerful and majesty of God's creation of Heaven and Earth and the Sea! His Words even say He stretches out the heavens like a I like that!!!! These beautiful words even remind us that God sends the springs of water into the valleys! Yes, God gave us the color BLUE....... His creation of all colors inspires me to give my best for His Glory every day that He has allowed me to breathe! Please do not waste this day my friend with worry, or anger, or bitterness. Fill this day with LOVE. And I Promise you, yourself won't be "blue"! Bless you dear one!

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