Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Starfish Designs.....

 ~Isabel modeling a little dress called "Happiness"~
 ~Love is best when shared with a "twin" friend~
~Isabel modeling "Joy"~
(that she is...a joy)

~Isabel modeling "Cuteness"~
(at its best)

As the seasons change and fall is upon us it is time to also change our wardrobes for fall!  I love the summer months for the glorious weather of where I am privileged to live but I do love fall clothes! Fall comes slowly here, a little later than the rest of the US!  I am a "winter" person with my own "coloring" so I enjoy winter clothes, the colors, the styles, and the time of the year! I enjoy what the fall and winter seasons and the time spent with family and friends.  So, for children's clothing, the season is changing!  They grow so fast and rarely can a child wear the clothes from the "fall or winter" season of the year before! 

Children's clothing can be purchased inexpensively today but there are still those times when as a Mom you want something just a little extra special for Sundays or special occasions such as birthday parties or evenings out for a special dinner!  Even children enjoy these times that make sweet and special memories!  As a Mom, I cherish the memories that I have hidden in my heart of my children's most precious moments of life.  Many of these involved a beautiful new dress for my girls or a cute little jacket and slacks for my son, Steven! 

The little dresses above were a labor of sweet love for me.....last week I spent the time sewing for the little girls in my life now....my adorable grandaughters! Isabel was a sweet model and Olivia will be receiving hers by the end of the week and Ava's is on the way too!  Luke's shirt was a gift for him to feel "special" too!  Children keep us humble, keep us real, keep us realizing what is truly important in life....LOVE!!!

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  1. Beautiful crafstmanship! Love those buttons too!! Isabel looks just like Kacie in the red dress :)