Friday, August 19, 2011

The Southern Home

 In the film, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof....a white sofa was important in the set forward to this beautiful white sofa as a mainstay in this home...designed for gracious living from House Beautiful!
 These sofas are set to mirror each other for great conversation!
A must in any "southern home"!

If Cat on a Hot Tin Roof were filmed today....I am sure that the decor' could look something similar!

Many southern homes are beautiful! Just close your eyes and imagine a beautiful lawn, a flower garden full of roses for cutting and an entrance that is welcoming and inviting! I know that description would be picture perfect! Truthfully not all southern homes are as grand and perfectly furnished as films about lives and families in the south have been portrayed. But, southerners do enjoy their homes and most enjoy entertaining in their homes. When I first moved to Mississippi, which is known as the Hospitality State, I was so pleasantly surprised at the warm invitations we received for dinner in people's homes and the food was actually prepared by the host. The table arrangement of flowers had most likely come from the garden of the hostess! It seemed it was here that I truly realized the joys of entertaining and sharing one's hospitality in their own home. The living room and the dining room are usually still important to a true southern home. Gathering spaces to talk......for the women and the men. Men like to talk too, just not what we, as women, enjoy talking about!!!

In the current film, The Help, I really enjoyed the set designs. The story is good because it deals with equality and snobbery and other unspoken and terrible things that happened in our country in the past and maybe even still happen in some places, regardless of race or region. Thankfully, I grew up in a southern town and family that respected the equality and fair treatment of all races. Another film I really like about life in the south set in the 1950's is Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.   It is based on the book by Mississippi author, Tennessee Williams. In the book, he deals with the southern family who in desperation tries to portray an image of new wealth and are living their lives to impress others. In reality, the portrayal is all a lie. They fight, quarrel, mistreat each other while trying hard to love each other and project the perfect southern family. The home that Big Daddy and Big Mama have built is furnished beautifully with antiques but is lacking the one virtue In the end, through the drunken brawls, jealously, and desires the family seems to realize that material wealth cannot ever bring one happiness. It is what goes on inside a home and a heart that is most important.

So....the southern home, I hope, is not so much different from any home. Hopefully it is beautiful because the ones who reside within the walls care and love each other. A little paradise right on earth. This is possible!!!  Take time to center your own heart in what really will matter in the atmosphere of your home. For me, that comes from my faith and hope found in my Savior, Jesus Christ. I am not striving for perfection, the Lord knows I am far from it!  I pray He will fill me and you first with sweet spirit and a love and joy that fills each and every room with the fragrance of Christ.

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