Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Photos and Memories of France......

~A French side-walk cafe~
While in France, like most who visit there,  I fell in love!  I fell for the people, Paris, Avignon, St. Remy de Provence, and other villages.....the food, the wines, the chocolates, and truly all things that the French enjoy!  I loved when you entered a shop or a cafe, I was warmly greeted with Bonjour! (hello)  If I would purchase something it was Merci! (thank you) and as I would leave it would be, Au revoir (good-bye). The cafes and the relaxed way of enjoying a meal changed my life forever! Why hurry?  France is home to a number of different peoples.  Most are descended from settlers and invaders of ancient times.  The Gauls, Romans, and Scandinavian adventurers known as Vikings.  Other settlers included Germanic peoples.  Most of the French people live in cities and towns or small villages and their standard of living is high compared to many American towns.  French is spoken by almost everyone.  All people seem to have a respect for one another. Lots of young couples and beautiful French men and women but I noticed elderly men and women almost everywhere that we traveled.  Elderly men were playing pentanque along with the young under shady trees.  This is a game similar to Bocce', which the Italians play.  France is a beautiful country and I hope to go again!  There are so many beautiful villages to explore!  Enjoy the photos of France and the quaint little man, who must be someone's French father, I am sure, strolling his way through town early on a Sunday morning! I can just imagine what is behind the shutters and their faded colors that I photographed in many of the photos!  We traveled by TGV Train to Avignon and then we rented a car and drove to smaller villages!  I brought back beautiful memories and a love in my heart for all things French! Enjoy and please make your travel plans!!!

A Frenchman, making his way through the village with his basket!

 Bonjour! Come in!
 Or maybe here......
There is little need for window treatments here! 
 A favorite color!
 Beautiful doors.....everywhere!

Finish with a coffee! Americano no doubt!

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