Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Garden at the Doorstep.....

 My husband laid the stone with pea gravel and we planted pink azaleas and a coral rose bush....just needed the cute little Bistro table I found on sale for 50% off!!!! Perfect!!!
White roses from Kacie and Josh add a bit of cheese, wine, olives and Crisp bread!
A Party!

 I could not wait to paint my door green and find a lion head door knocker!

"I made myself gardens and orchards, and I planted all kinds of fruit trees in them.  I made myself water pools from which to water the growing trees of the grove."  Ecclesiatstes 2:5~6

Inspired by Solomon from the Bible and the beautiful gardens recently that have inspired me also, I decided to ask my husband to help design and make a little "French Inspired Garden" in a corner near our back door that was barren for three years.....just waiting to be planted with flowers, shrubs, and lots of love!  I could not resist the French Bistro table!  In our homes, flowers and gardens make all the difference.  A pretty yard becomes even more beautiful with well balanced gardens.  We are "getting" there.  It takes time and patience to see them grow and blossom.  I am hoping within four or five years ours will be fully planted and growing like I want it to!  If you are inspired by beautiful gardens clip favorite photos from magazines and "dream" and plan like I do!  I am inspired by other people's gardens also and the love and care that go into the creation and the maintaining of them.  Our daughter and son in law purchased a beautiful home with an English Garden fully intact!  They are the lucky ones!  Most of us have to work and work to acquire the look we want.  

I hope you enjoy the photos and find a little piece of Heaven in your own backyard!  I enjoy white flowers and mixing them with lavender colors in plantings.  Think about the colors that are your favorites and then have a plan when you are at the nursery or a local garden center.  

A few of my favorites are: 
White:  Garden Phlox and Roses
Blues:  Hydrangea and Delphinium
Pinks:  Camellia and Peony and Roses
Purples:  Lavender and Iris
Yellows:  Rose and Lantana and of course the Daffodil
Oranges:  Poppy and Dahlia

Like any good gardener, there is an inspiration somewhere!  Mine was in House Beautiful magazine.  It was here that I thought.....Yes....I can do this.....I am in France again, this time in my own backyard!  I am waiting for the girls and guys....any of you to arrive!  That includes friends!!!  Let's go to France!

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  1. Gorgeous replication, Penny ! ! ! Love the table & chair set, and green door ! ( my favorite color :)