Friday, May 6, 2011

French Influences......

 Fountains and Courtyards are around every corner in France!
~This one is in St. Remy de Provence~
 ~Entrances make a statement~
The doors are ornate, beautiful and grand!
~Each home has a unique character~
~House Beautiful~
I am able to imagine this beautiful dining room in any one of these fine homes!
~House Beautiful~
~ A French sofa  makes a single statement in this entry in New Orleans~

A blend of influences helps me to decorate my own home.  Through the years of collecting and homemaking, having a  large family has greatly influenced my style.  When the girls were young, I found two beautiful antique twins beds at an antique market in Charlotte, North Carolina.  I sent my husband back to look at them and he came home not only with the beautiful beds but with a dresser and a highboy that matched.  How sweet!  How surprised!  They still grace our home today.  Your home should be a place where memories made are the treasures that grace each life living there.  It hopefully is not about just things but words, moments, and pieces that make our lives and those we love feel more comfortable and warm.  Home is about creating a place for people to sense and receive acceptance and love.  

It is yet to be seen, how a recent trip to France will influence future decorating ideas!  I truly enjoyed taking photos of "doors"! Doors leading inside can say just about anything!  What does your front door say?  Given the influence that pictures hold, I hope these images remind you that it doesn't matter where we live, it is how we live that is important.  Create a home that is warm and welcoming each time a friend or a family member arrives. 

In honor of Mother's Day........I am reminded a mother is the center of the home and always the heart of the home.  Such a beautiful thought to start Mother's Day Weekend!  Happy Mother's Day to all my beautiful friends who are Mothers or  those who have a mother's heart! To be a mother is to be overwhelmingly blessed.  God has graciously given me a loving husband and five children, their spouses, and five beautiful grandchildren who are healthy and cheerful!  Thankful, thankful, thankful!!!  Being a mother has taught me to never doubt the faithfulness of God!  To Him, I offer, ALL Praise, Honor, and Glory!!!!

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