Friday, March 4, 2011

Peaceful and Beautiful.......

~This beautiful and refined planters bed is amazingly dressed by Nancy Price Interiors~
~It just so happens that I own the very same bed purchased for our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary!~

~A beautiful bath!~
House Beautiful

~A beach house bath ~ beautiful!~
Coastal Living

This decor' of this beautiful French inspired bathroom by Betty Lou Phillips for House Beautiful is a dream come true for the Monsieur and Madame who live here!!!

The decor' of these beautiful rooms by the interior designers who fashioned them are near perfection! At the end of a  busy day, I hope you have a place where you can relax a few minutes, sort of a ritual for calming the spirit before bed time.  For me, when I am able to take this time of the day, God's cleansing power often fills my soul during this timeless ritual that has been inviting for women since the dawn of time.  For me, often it becomes a time to thank God for His blessings of the day and to think about the relationships in my life that I have been so blessed to share.  Thankfulness frees the spirit!  I am so thankful for my sweet family and the little grandchildren that are now in our lives.   Yes, each life has eternal significance and God has a unique plan and purpose for each life.  

I hope you sense God made YOU real special!!!  It truly doesn't matter how you came into the world or who your parents were or are if they are still living.......what matters most is that God created you  in love and He chose to create you in His own image.   YES, you are special!  You are one of a kind!  He loves you with an unconditional love!  How amazing is that? I hope at the end of your day you are able to be set free from any pain or hurt caused in your life and to trust Him with all the tomorrows in your life. Give your plans to God!   His desire is to cleanse, renew,  and refresh, making you much more beautiful than any perfectly designed room!  He too has a ritual, sort of like the bathing ritual~feeling so, so clean!!!   God's love and cleansing power does work!  He is able to bring freedom to your captive heart and mind!  "Open my eyes, that I may see wondrous things......"  Psalm 119:18   Daily this beautiful ritual can help us to ask God to open our heart and mind through the ministry of the Holy is then that we  can lay down on our bed at night and rest peacefully!  When we awake, we can trust Him with the purpose for the new day ahead!  Enjoy a peaceful weekend!!!

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