Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Birthday.....Luke and Isabel!

~Halloween 2010~
Buzz and Snow White
 ~Easter Sunday 2010~
I loved them in these little outfits!
Luke has on the outfit his Daddy wore when he was a little boy.
Isabel's outfit matched her coloring so beautifully!
 ~Just a happy boy~
 ~Just a happy girl~
~The love they have for one another is very special~

Three years ago today........I remember so vividly.......going in and out of the room at the hospital where our daughter and her husband were about to be blessed with the birth of their twins!  We were all there, waiting and encouraging them and so  very happy!  As the day progressed and on into the evening it looked as though they would be born before midnight!  Joy erupted!!!!   I will never forgot the sheer happiness and tears in the room when we were finally able to see them in Kacie's arms.  She was blessed with such a wonderful team of doctors and nurses who were supportive and encouraging.  They were wise.  The first moments after birth are so important.  I will never forgot the calm in which she embraced the babies!  Good thing she was calm because we were ready to PARTY!!!!   Josh is the most amazing Dad and Kacie is the most amazing Mother.  Luke and Isabel are truly blessed.  These three years have been the most happiest of any of our lives!  The blessings continue.........

Thanking God today for these special gifts to Kacie and Josh of Luke and Isabel!  Happy Birthday sweet children!!!!  I love you!  Nina

My prayer~Mighty God, thank You so much for Luke and Isabel.  Thank you for their sweet and beautiful spirits, their smiles, their faces, their features, their hands, their bodies, their minds, their parents.  Bless them and protect them and nurture their child~like spirits as they soak up daily all that YOU have for them.  Write Your love letter on their hearts so that all who read their love letters will see and understand that they truly are a gift to the world!   I pray that YOU will use them in a mighty way in Your Kingdom for their generation. We entrust them to you all the days of their lives......In Jesus Name, Amen!


  1. How precious!! I think twins are SO neat!! What a special bond I can tell they already have!!

  2. what a lovely mother kacie has. and what a rich blessing to have isabel and luke near you to love & hold !!!!