Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Easter Season and the Kingdom of Love......

 ~First Presbyterian Church of Ocean Springs~
 ~Chapel of First Presbyterian Church of Ocean Springs~

~The Episcopal Church of Ocean Springs~

The Easter Season is here!  Throughout the month of April the flowers will be bursting forth with beautiful colors and the trees will be green again with new leaves!  New life is everywhere!  For the Believer in Jesus Christ, this season is a most Holy time.  We seek to prepare our hearts for this season and remember the importance of THE CROSS.  In Jesus' earthly life, the unbelief of leaders and people produced intense resentment against HIM and His claims as King and Savior.  As I read the story of Easter in the Bible what stands out is the glory of Jesus as the Son of man and the Son of God.  His courage, His dignity, His unflinching obedience, His unselfish concern for others, His unswerving faith and commitment to His Father.  He suffered in order to fulfill God's plan for redemption.  Jesus was willing to do the Father's will.  A relationship with our Heavenly Father encourages our faith, especially in moments of weakness. The steps He took to The Cross so willingly for us followed HIS greatest triumph......The  Resurrection!  Easter is about new life and the season of worship and the invitation to be a part of God's kingdom of love.  "It is a kingdom of boundless, glorious, powerful, and transforming love. When you are filled with the glory of that love, when your heart is taken up by the mystery of that love, when what daily fills your heart is deep and worshipful gratitude for the miracle of divine love, then your words begin to be words of love, words of service, words of grace, words of encouragement, words of peace, and words that heal."  Paul David Tripp   Knowing this strength of Christianity we can SEE that it is not outward laws but inward character.  In a transforming way, Christ imprints His nature upon a sinful mind, will and emotions.  When Christ enters a life, He brings His very life-the very soil in which we take root and blossom!  He is a MIGHTY GOD!

Morning, Noon, and Night His redeeming love fills the soul of one who has embraced Christ and the Easter message.  Easter is a time to celebrate our Lord and celebrate with others the love in our hearts and the joy set before us!  These beautiful pictures above represent the importance of worship for Believers from the early 20th century in our little town.  Believers have gathered together each Sunday to embrace and celebrate the joys of fellowship and love, especially at Easter. 

Every season, even though the same flowers sprout up in a spot where they were last year, they are different.  They seem to multiply and grow more beautiful every year.....I think that is picture of how we can be.  Each year we can become more beautiful inward and more aware of who we truly are in Christ! His heart is  truly open and full of love for you!   My prayer is that you enjoy this Easter season and find the time to embrace His love for you and seek to bless others as you yourself have been blessed!  Look up and SEE The Cross!  May the Lord bless you and keep you.....always!

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  1. So beautifully put, thank you.
    Happy Easter to you!