Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine Gift Ideas......

 Oiseau Eau Toilette
 Tocca Eau De parfum
Happ & Stahns Perfume....

The love stories are all completed this week and now it's your turn to create your own LOVE STORY! I hope you have a special one!   I have a few valentine ideas:  First buy your sweetie a bar of TOBLERONE Swiss dark chocolate with honey and almond nougat, you can find this at the grocery store!  Easy, right?  He might find you just the perfect gift but if you want to share a few  hints of what you like, that is okay too!   I have included a few suggestions above ~ lovely gifts ~ in beautiful bottles which can later become keepsakes.  The greatest gift he will ever have though is your love.  It is truly all that is lasting!

Whatever you do, I hope that your weekend will be filled with LOVE!!!
Love conquers all things!

All of the lovely fragrances above can be found at Anthropologie!

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