Friday, February 4, 2011

At Home......

~A Beautiful and Fun Home~
When it comes to window treatments, paneled wooden shutters painted to match the walls and woodwork inject splendor!  Add some colorful lamps, and adorable pillows and you've got a beautiful and comfortable room to call "Home"!

 A fun pillow for a POP of color lightens up the mood in your home!

 Investing in good quality lighting is something I always recommend!  Find something you really like and save for it and then, more than likely you will enjoy the investment for years!

Once you begin collecting a few items that are similar, often people who know this begin giving you pieces to add to your collection.  This is exactly the good fortune of this home owner with her collection of milk glass.  She has received many beautiful pieces and has clustered them in groupings which are very tastefully displayed!

It is such a joy to enter a home that is full of fun and love!  You feel it when you walk in the door~ a sense of "I am so glad you came.......I have been waiting for you!"  Those are the words to describe the home above!  Just beautiful, warm, and full of the spiritual blessings of the ones who live there.  It was a pleasure for me to assist in helping to select her lovely new lamps.  She waited and invested wisely.  She found the adorable pillow to complete the look she was hoping to achieve!   Yes, it is such a fun and happy home!

If you want to add a pop of color......check out  Anthropologie!  They have such fun items!

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