Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy Birthday.......Kara and Brian!

Happy Birthday Sweet Kara!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Kara......Happy Birthday to you!
Tomorrow, January 16th, is a very special day for two members of our family.  

For Kara:
Only God could fashion and create a person as beautiful as a daughter is to her own mother! If you are a mother or have been the recipient of a mother's love then you know exactly what I mean!!! I remember so vividly the day that I found out that we were going to be blessed with another baby!  We lived in southern California and were raising our four little ones~Kristen, Shelly, Kacie, and Steven.  Life was fun and full to the brim.  In the day, it was before the accuracy of the home pregnancy test and you could go in to the office for a quick answer.  So....I did!    After a few minutes the nurse came back with a big smile and asked me "How many children did you say you had?"  I quietly said, "Four".  Her smiled was even bigger when she said....."Congratulations, you are going to have five now!"  I don't remember much after that.  I do remember waiting for Steve to come home and I was in the kitchen about to prepare dinner and I started to cry as I shared with him our news. Immediately, he got this huge smile on his face, grabbed me, hugged me, and with confident assurance said we're going to love this one like we love all of them!  From that moment and gladness continued to flood our home!  It was one of the sweetest times in our lives and always continued to be.  She had her hip for several years.  She went everywhere with us!  Guess that is why she loves to travel now!

I cannot begin to express what our fifth child means to our family.  She has brought each one of us more love and sweetness than any of us deserve.  Her quiet, unassuming ways make her a beautiful young woman, inside and out.  Her love for her new husband, her intelligence, her passion for travel and art, her love of books and reading, collection of magazines, Steven's choices of music,  her love of old movies, her cooking skills, her laughter, and her love  for her family, and her love and growth in the Lord are evident in her life.  May God continue to bless our dear Kara with light on her path in the direction that He has for her.  Birthday blessings for her.

Kara in Savannah, Georgia
On her last birthday~
Hope this one tops it.......Girl!!!!

For Brian:
Also our very special son- in- law, Brian shares the same birthday with Kara.   Brian has been such a part of our family now for fifteen years.   I could not imagine our life without him!  He is a wonderful husband to Kristen and a fantastic and loving father to Clayton, Ava, and Olivia! Brian has such a sense of humor!  He enjoys life to the full and is fun to be around.  I pray God's richest blessings upon Brian all the days of his life!  May God continue to guide Him and bless him!

Brian is right in the center!
~Bocce Club~

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