Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Shelly!

Happy Birthday today to our beautiful daughter, Shelly!  She was born on a beautiful January morning in Chattanooga, Tennessee where we were living at the time!  She was always a good and happy baby, bringing us joy~ always.  We called her Shelly bird sometimes because she would make sweet sounds, even as a baby.  As she grew, the artist in her soul began to emerge early in her life.  She has a gift, a very special gift!  Truly she has many gifts to admire but her artistic skills and talents are a part of everything she touches.  I look around in my home and see so many paintings or photographs that she has given to us. Her love to travel and see the world have inspired us all. Shelly is loving and kind,  and a generous and loyal  friend to those she loves and cares about.  She has more spirit in one finger than most people have in their entire body! She loves to laugh and have fun! She has always loved nature, the outdoors, and appreciated the beauty of the world.  One of the sweetest Mother's Day I have ever experienced was while Shelly was living in New York City, she planned the day so that we would have time to go to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.  It was  a glorious  day for all of us and most people who visit her wherever she lives receives a fun time!   Happy Birthday to our Shelly!!!! Such joy and love she has given us! May God bless her life and accomplish the plans that He has for her.  May He look upon her life with favor and blessing each and every day!  May her life be a Glory to His Name!

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