Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gifts For the Season!

Mend a quarrel. 
Seek out a forgotten friend. 
Write a long overdue love note. 
Hug someone tightly and whisper, "I love you so." 
Forgive an enemy. 
Be gentle and patient with an angry person. 
Gladden the heart of a child. 
Find the time to keep a promise. 
Make or bake something for someone else. Anonymously. 
Release a grudge. 
Speak kindly to a stranger. 
Enter into another's sorrow. 
Laugh a little. 
Laugh a little more. 
Take a walk with a friend. 
Lessen your demands on others. 
Play some beautiful music during the evening meal. 
Apologize if you were wrong. 
Turn off the television and talk. 
Treat someone to an ice-cream cone (yogurt would be fine). 
Do the dishes for the family. 
Pray for someone who helped you when you hurt. 
Fix breakfast on Saturday morning. 
Give a soft answer even though you feel strongly. 
Encourage an older person. 
Point out one thing you appreciate most about someone you work with or live near. 
Offer to babysit for a weary mother.

                  From:  Chuck Swindoll

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