Monday, September 20, 2010

A Pink Room

Today my thoughts have been centered on a new project I am  soon to assist with!  Someone very dear to me will soon be moving from a crib to her own little room!  Little girl's rooms are so sweet because who can think of a little girl without thinking of PINK!  Of course, not all mommies want their daughter's to be invaded by pink but to me, it's such a sweet part of being a girl and adding a tender and soft feminine side to life.  I have some experience with girls since I am a mother to four daughters!  They all loved pink, early on..... and each one shared or enjoyed a pink room sometime during the years they were growing up in our home.   Little girls add a symphony to our lives!  In just a few words, they can express themselves very cheerfully but strong!  They listen,  but  in turn, we should always listen to their advice and especially their dreams! What a wonderful way to live.....dreaming!  Our job is just to love them and to show them the world is a glorious place because they are a part of our world!  I am thinking pink for this little girl~we will have to see what her Mommy says!  That is what counts!  I'll just listen......and then go to work!  The bottom picture I snapped at The Plaza Hotel on a trip to New York last year and the pink room is one from a magazine  that I just couldn't resist!  Sewing for children brings me much pleasure......little angel's wrapped up as gifts from Heaven touching our hearts forever and ever!!!  Yes....."children are a gift of the Lord!"  Psalm 127:3

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