Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Happy Kitchen....and Home!

Marimekko Fabric was used to brighten and cheerfully welcome this family into their kitchen.  The fabric used is a classic Marimekko print that can be found on many items throughout their stores and in catalogs that carry Marimekko fabrics and products.  It's a company with corporate offices in Finland and was first made popular in our country when Jacqueline Kennedy was about to move into The White House.  She had been to Europe on a trip with her husband, the soon to be President, and purchased several Marimekko dresses and the rest was history!  Kara, our daughter, worked as the store manager on the Upper East Side in New York City until recently and I am including a few photos from that store.  When you enter the store, immediately,  you are greeted with the bright and cheerful colors in their fabrics.  It's a happy place and the longer you browse around, it's easy to forget your troubles (if you have any) by all the "bright" colors and fun products.  I could stretch it a bit and say it's sort of like being encouraged by a friend who brightens your day.  The friend that I made these curtains for, is a friend of Kacie's and their friendship brings strength and encouragement to each others lives by their kindnesses toward one another and their sharing of mothering tips.  I wanted to make these for Becky, Kacie's friend,  because she has been a true friend to Kacie sharing her love and her faith in the Lord.

Strength and Courage are used in the Bible in a way that is interestingly different from our human way of thinking.  We think of a man or woman who does something courageous for someone else when they use their physical strength, which is a good thing, but Christ speaks of using our lives to strengthen and encourage others in our faith.  The text I am referring to is found in I Thessalonians 3.  Timothy, who was a friend and brother in Christ to Paul was sent to missionaries  (those spreading the gospel of Christ) to strengthen and encourage those who were sharing their faith. He may have taken food or other supplies but his real presence in their life, and probably the words he spoke to them, were encouraging.  Giving out daily, whether it be to a family or a job, a Christian has to be refreshed in order to stay strong and courageous.  Love plays a big part in this refreshment.  The love of Christ is constant and full of encouragement for us.  God's love is compared to a father's love in the Scriptures....."encouraging, comforting and urging us to live lives worthy of God, who calls us into His kingdom and glory." I Thessalonians 2:12   Whatever you may face in your day, I hope that you can find strength in the Name of the Lord! Draw Near!  Search for ways that you can encourage another today.  Truly, when we encourage others we ourselves are encouraged!  Listen to someone today for really it's better to listen and ask some questions than to know all the answers!  Maybe, you will be strengthened and encouraged.  I hope so! Have a blessed day!

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