Monday, June 21, 2010

My Heart

I post this because it captures my HEART!  The dresses that Olivia and Isabel are wearing were designed and hand sewn over a three month period.  I made them over the course of  three months as I had time,  hand stitching the laces together on the bodice of each dress.  The sleeves and body of the dresses are organza.  I didn't use a pattern, I just knew how I wanted the girls to look and so I began.  To quote from Dr. Zivago....."then it's a gift!"   God has blessed me with many blessings of which I am grateful and when time is something He's allowed, we can turn it into nothing or we can turn it into something lasting!  Invest in others and you'll be rewarded.....example......someone sent me this adorable picture. They took the time to snap it, print it, and send it to it blessed to receive it!  Victoria, my niece, is the little girl to the left of Kara.  We found her dress in New Orleans and it was beautiful on her.  Ava's dress was worn in Kristen and Brian's wedding almost twelve years ago by Brian's niece.  We just made a few alterations.  Clay's suit came from Dillards (thank you Dillards) and Luke's outfit, I had planned to make but found this one and he looked so sweet in it!  Perfect color for his beautiful skin coloring!  It just all worked out for this lovely picture!  I am planning to use it as a postcard for my Children's Wedding Clothes brochure.
Stay tuned!  Off to sew...........

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