Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Rest is important in our lives.  Many times, we do not have opportunities to receive the rest that we need.  Fortunately, I am at a place in my life where my life is full doing things that for me personally are important bringing lasting value, I pray, for our family.  When I rest at night, I am able to sleep contently and most mornings I wake up very grateful for the blessings of life.  Exercise plays a key role also in a life that is healthy.  Most days, I jog three miles before breakfast which is a remarkable avenue for me because when my husband I first got married almost 37 years ago, I could not run around the house. TRUE!  He motivated me to be fit. Today, we try to eat healthy and rely on a gentle way of life.  It keeps us balanced.  I am inspired by people who accept others of both ethnicity and age.  Value should be from within a person's soul and heart.  I pray for you that you will take time to be aware that the people and "things" that you surround yourself with over time make you who you are.  A truly beautiful person is beautiful because they have sought to fill their heart with beautiful thoughts and inspirations.  They are rare souls. I hope you are blessed to know some of those people.  God bless those people in my life who have shared their beautiful lives with me.........

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