Friday, March 19, 2010

The Wedding in May

These beautiful pictures are where Kara and Phil will be married on May 22, 2010!  Okay.....that is the easy part!  Now, as the Mother of the Bride, I find myself waking up every morning thinking about what we are doing for the special day!  I get anxious like any mother of the bride but my spirit must be quietened by the Holy Spirit!  He reminds me daily of HIS FAITHFULNESS with this family and HIS GOODNESS!  Kara is so in love with Phil, and so happy and so sweet about everything.  She is never demanding or asking for anything except for it to be a wonderful experience for Phil's family (they're all from England!), our family and our precious friends and loved ones.  Life is but a vapor and I realize THAT more everyday, so I ask that if you read this, would you please offer a prayer for us that our Glorious God will be glorified in this wedding and this marriage between Kara and Phil.  Enjoy your children today, invest in their hearts and souls, invest in their dreams, listen to them, reward them with your honesty and faithfulness.  Invest in their education and their value and worth as a human being.  Share your love of the Lord with them daily! Travel with them.......even if it's to a park for a picnic.  I promise as the Word promises......this investment will not return to you will be immeasurably more than you could ever hope for or imagine.  Blessings to you today! 

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