Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Christ Church Frederica

Late last May in 2009, Steve and I decided on a whim to take an extra day of a trip that we had been on and spend the night on St. Simons Island at the King and Prince Hotel.  We were early to check in so we spent a good part of the afternoon just soaking up the sun and enjoying the pool.  The pool is built right at the edge of the water so it's a very beautiful sitting!  Our room still wasn't ready at check in time so they could "up grade" us to a suite if we wanted it now at no cost!  Were they kidding, of course we would!  We enjoyed our time there so much.  Shelly and Kara and I had stayed there once before and really enjoyed it so I was happy for Steve to see it also.  The next morning after checking out we decided to take a drive to a part of the island, on Frederica Road and passed this beautiful church, Christ Church!  We parked the car and walked  onto the beautiful church grounds, peering in the windows and wishing we could go inside.  The cementery grounds are filled with saintly people, who lived on the island, now gone to be with the Lord and I cannot imagine a more peaceful place to be at rest. The history lesson continued as we drove on to the end at Fort Frederica and toured the park and the grounds of a former settlement that now only holds the foundations of the town and the homes.  We took our time, reading, and thinking about how life must have been for the settlers there.  As we drove back, past the beautiful church, we saw a prayer garden that was "Just There" in the middle of what seemed like no where!  We got out, walked up the path to pray.  We prayed for our family and others that the Lord brought to our hearts.  It was a day that is vivid in my mind as one of peace and goodness.  Fast forward to last week........I was with Kristen, our daughter, browsing an antique shop near where she lives and found a book St. Simons Memoir by Eugenia Price.  I bought it on the spot, because I love St. Simons NOW and Eugenia Price was/is one of my favorite writers.  I had no idea what the book would be about but to my's all about her life in finding, writing, and living on the island.  It's about the real people of Christ Church Frederica, their history, and more importantly their lives. 

Like her, my life was touched that day by this special place.  God finds a way, not to waste a single turn or event in our lives to teach us a lesson.  As she says in her book, if we stay open to His intentions, if we allow it-He will find a way not to waste a single tear (or turn).  God is able to redeem far more than sin.....He redeems all that happens and works truly, all things for our good and His glory.  Thank you Lord!!!  No matter what you go through, if you will give Him an opportunity, He will make your life beautiful.....In His Time, again and again......that's called GRACE!  How humbling........

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