Monday, December 7, 2009

December 4th.......and a Coconut Cake

Every year that my husband and I have been married, he has made for me a beautiful coconut cake!  What Bliss!!!  This year once again, my family celebrated their lives with mine and I think every year life really does get better.  Every morning possible, I jog two miles, celebrate a relationship with my Savior, the Lord Jesus, and about three months ago bought a juicer! can life get any better?  This year, my daughter Shelly made the coconut cake and even grated the coconut!  Double BLISS!  Thank you to my family and my wonderful friends for helping me to celebrate my birthday.  I love you all! "Another day is dawning, dear Master, let it be, In working or in waiting, another day with THEE!"  ~Frances R. Havergal~

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