Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Very Special Place.......

This room holds many treasures. It is one of those rooms that is just for the treasures that it holds. It is meant to be a place that is familiar to those who come and go. The bedroom furniture was purchased 23 years ago at an antique market which was being held outdoors at the fairgrounds in Charlotte, North Carolina. We had just recently moved there from California and I found the beds and loved them! I asked my sweet husband to go and try and buy them for two of our daughters' and he came home with the beds, a dresser, and a high boy dresser! I was so excited. Today the room has sort of turned into a place where our kids come home to stay when they are in town. It has been a comfortable place to be. Most recently, when my grandmother passed away at 99 years of age, she left to me a beautiful quilt on the bed on the left made "before 1880" by my great-great grandmother, Virginia Bradley Murphy. On the right bed, she had given me this quilt in 1982. It was made by my great-great grandmother Harris in the late 1880's. I feel very blessed to have these in my home. The shell mirror was made by my daughter, Shelly, from sea shells she collected in one afternoon on the gulf coast of Alabama. The mirror is perfectly aligned. It is like a work of art if you look closely. I just love it!!! Needless to say.....this is a special room. There are books of the travels of our children and special photographs of their lives. The little cowboy boots were Steven's. He wore them....out! Literally! Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed and who would have dreamed that five generations ago when my great, great grandmothers were sewing, I wonder if they knew the love and admiration that I would have for their work and love would be felt and cherished in my home 130 years later. does matter. Love and enjoy your matters!

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