Thursday, November 12, 2009

Birthday Girl......Ava Grace

I could say many wonderful things about Ava but she has LIFE! She is artistic, bright, quick, happy, perceptive, inquisitive, athletic, "wild", and just an all round bundle of energy. She celebrated her birthday on November 11, turning five years old! She is such a special girl and I would say little girl, but Ava Grace is pint size but enormous in personality. She totally lights up a room with her personality. Ava was ALL about what a birthday should be~HAPPY! She woke up happy and her Mom, Kristen, had her breakfast ready! Ava enjoys eating her boiled eggs (at her request) European style in her egg cup, cracking her egg and then delicately eating it with a spoon. She brings so much joy to our lives and our family! She had a very special day! Her Dad purchased her an American Girl Doll named Julie and she was SO thrilled and suprised when she opened her gift! It was a joy to share in her special day! I believe GREAT experiences will come to her in her special life. Thank you dear Lord for sharing this special child with our family! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AVA GRACE!

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