Monday, October 5, 2009

A Talent.....

"One may lack talent for doing great things, as men count greatness, but one's station in life does not determine greatness in the sight of God. He looks for dedicated hearts carrying prayerful burdens. God longs for those who work at prayer." Dick Eastman

This beautiful quote sums up my heart as I walked through and prayed in so many beautiful churches and cathedrals on my trip to New York last week. I was blessed beyond measure as I walked in each one at the silent reverence for the Lord sensed there.
Inner peace and tranquility can be ours regardless of circumstances. I was thinking one day, as I was there for six days, visiting Kara, that God used most likely men, maybe immigrants, from a foreign land to construct the amazing cathedrals in the city. Each man who worked on the construction probably did not have a high station in life by the world's idea of greatness but look what they did for the Glory of God and His majesty and for many generations to come blessings will flow from these places of worship. All of us have a foundation on which we build......may you find your foundation in a quiet trust in the Lord God.

The remainder of the pictures are of our cute, cute, cute hotel room, a boutique hotel in Midtown and time spent at the store Kara is now managing! My brother and sister joined me for one night and a day to celebrate our Grandmother's 100th birthday on October 1st. We had a great time.

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