Sunday, March 22, 2009

Inspiration....What inspires you?

I've always said one should follow the heart and go with the ideas that inspire and bring you a feeling of accomplishment! When my children were young, I enjoyed the daytime activities of play, playground, play groups, play dough, playing in the yard, and play time with Dad right before reading a story and tucking our children into bed. So...most of the time I have been playing and in many ways I find that inspiration comes from the play time now with our grandchildren. Creative ideas, designs, and patterns for a sweet springtime outfit came about when my precious granddaughter Ava Grace found this fabric on a shopping trip to a fabric store with her Mommy and me! She picked out all her own fabrics! Sewing for children has taken on a whole new world of playtime and fun! Enjoy the pictures!

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  1. Thank you for teaching me to love and enjoy my babies!!! And thank you for all you do for us and Luke and Isabel :) We love you and your blog Nena!