Wednesday, March 4, 2009

English Smocking for Children

English Smocking is very versatile and lots of fun. The fundamental purpose of smocking is the control of fullness in fabric. The fabric is gathered into uniform pleats and by combining basic stitches you can create your own work of art! Any good quality fabric is suitable if not to heavy. My preference is Imperial Broadcloth, batiste, or a blend of poly and cotton. A good quality floss is used, most often three strands and a size eight crewel embroidery needle. Each stitch is taken on one pleat at a time, most often worked from left to right.

The precious models in the pictures are three of my grandchildren and wearing gifts I chose to smock and sew for them, selecting each one carefully! Making a gift for someone expresses a special love, a giving of one's self. What better gift could we receive than the love of God through His Son Jesus?  Easter is about new life and the resurrection of the Lord! When my children were young I always made their Easter dresses or for our son, a "button on" outfit. Easter is just around the corner and a child in a beautiful new Easter outfit is a memory for every mother to always cherish! So, as you can see, sewing and decorating doesn't just have to be for the home. If you desire to be creative and have a little fun......begin your project! Thank you Isabel, Ava Grace and Olivia Ann for modeling so beautifully! I had fun smocking your dresses but more fun watching you model!  You are whole precious gifts to our family. I love you~


  1. Thank you for all the love you put into every stich! Luke and Isabel love their Nina SO MUCH!!!

  2. What beautiful dresses you lovingly made for the girls!! We are so blessed by your creative hands!! Love you and thankful for you!!!!